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Pills of Trust
From the spirit Dias da Cruz, psychographed by Dr. Andrei Moreira, this beautiful book of inspirational messages will nourish your soul and your heart.

Through this book, the spirit doctor Dias da Cruz invites us all to "take each day the pills of trust in the Father and let them awaken in you the awareness that you are His child and natural heir. The Father is offering you the plenitude of knowing and feeling yourself connected to the source of all the power and kindness to lead you toward happiness and inner peace."

Chapters include:

1. Pills of Trust (see sample chapter here)
2. A New Day in Your Heart
3. God is the Father
4. The Real Power: Affection
5. Visualizations for Peace
6. Visualize Balance and Renew Yourself
7. Support of Those Who Serve
8. Testimony and Service
9. Sustenance from on High
10. Ask and You Shall Receive
11. Courage
12. Hope
13. The Real Value of God’s Children
14. Support from on High
15. The Power is in God
16. Act with Trust 
17. Inner Spring
18. The Gospel: The Science of Well Being
19. Commitment with Service
20. Self-confidence and Accomplishment
21. Surrender and Gratitude
22. Do Your Part
23. Renew Yourself in the Lord 
24. Health of the Body and Soul
25. Everything Passes
26. The Faith That Sustains
27. Sooner or Later
28. Fidelity to the Father
29. The Being: Perfect Work of God
30. The Father’s Gaze
31. Ask and You Shall Receive
32. Trust and Action
33. Mitigated Trails
34. Serve and Love Now

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to help the work of Fraternity without Borders and their mission of love and hope for the people of Mozambique.

The cost of the book is $15 USD plus shipping ($4 US/Canada, $10 outside North America).
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